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Control Valve

Successful selling strategies of valve manufacturers require the use of multiple channels to reach different customers and offer customized products and services. When the business footprint is global, the need to provide consistent a product selection experience to customer is further intensified. It is also important for sales teams to provide appropriate product choice, at competitive prices and via bids that are accurate & commercially & technically rich in content.

Valve sizing and selection tools designed with deep understanding of the complete sales process and the intricacies of product sizing & configuration provide a solution to such challenges. These allow sales personnel to minimize the time they spend on administrative tasks such as performing research in product catalogs, price books and spread sheets, and manually processing quotes. By eliminating / minimizing these tasks, sales personnel can devote more time to value-added activities such as client interface to nurture & grow their business relationships.

Sahir's sizing & selection software teams have been working with world-leading valve manufacturers of control, relief valves and various other types of valves and accessories. They are well versed with the different standards being used in this industry, and approach any client engagement in a consultative manner. This approach helps us understand business issues in depth and get an overall picture of organization objectives. The resulting solutions guarantee that clients achieve the targeted returns on their investment.

Clients experience benefits across a broad spectrum of business parameters:

  • Responding to customers in minutes rather than days helps win more business
  • Generating rich, accurate & consistent proposal packages ensures a consistent & satisfying customer experience
  • Sales margins are increased by the elimination of costly pricing & order entry errors, by applying strategic pricing and discounting, and quoting for only validated buildable products
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