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Pressure Gauge
The Smart Solution Gauge Configurator (SSGC) assists the sales team to quickly select the appropriate pressure gauge by validating it against application requirements, accuracy requirements and pressure & temperature requirements. It computes the price based on the model, material, range, options & accessories selected.

SSGC can be deployed on your sales forces’ laptop, your intranet or on your website- accessible to your customers. Ensuring that the answers are always consistent regardless of where the interface occurs is critically important. The Smart Solution Gauge Configurator software makes this a reality.

It allows sales personnel to minimize the time they spend on performing research on product catalogs, price books and spread sheets and manually processing quotes and orders. By eliminating these repetitive and tedious tasks, sales personnel can devote more time to value-added activities such as growing their relationships with existing customers and developing new contacts.


arrow Configure and sells pressure and temperature gauges appropriate for process pressure and temperature.
arrow Validate selection against specified accuracy standard.
arrow Select case style & material appropriate to process environment.
arrow Receive alerts and messages based on process environment for optimal selection.
arrow Price complex products based on features, components, accessories and options selected
arrow Generate rich, consistent and accurate proposal packages and submittals with :
  Product features, options and pricing by line item
  Technical data sheets
  Terms and conditions
  Proposals in MS Word, MS Excel and Adobe Acrobat
  Multi-language and multi-currency support.
  Easy integration with ERP through BOM data output in
  CSV, flat file and XML formats
  Smart Solution Gauge Configurator
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