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Remot Maintenance
It's one thing to deploy IT Infrastructure, it's quite another to maintain and run it smoothly, efficiently, and proactively manage it to improve performance.

Companies are increasingly looking at external service providers to reduce expenses related with managing their intranet and extranet portals.

Gartner estimates that the hourly cost of intranet and extranet downtime costs is about $42,000: even brief downtime can result in lost revenues, unhappy customers and loss of productivity.

We help you avoid those costs with our Microsoft SharePoint Remote Technical and Application Support.

Sahir Projects offers you a 24x7 support and administration service that address any issues related to SharePoint portal. We offer customers the guarantee of higher reliability, reduced risk, and lower IT costs through one-stop management for the entire portal administration and support.

Our remote support services give you the peace of mind around managing your SharePoint implementation. User administration, issue troubleshooting, permissions handling, application support, web-part integration and management, template designs, and workflows are certain areas we handle remotely from our development center in India.

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