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Sahir Project’s .NET team has more than 100-person years of experience in delivering solutions on the .NET framework. Our solutions are delivered through a .NET Center of Excellence (COE) created specifically for customers who are technologically associated with the Microsoft Technology solution set.

The COE establishment is equipped with the necessary tools, technologies, processes and human resources to best address clients’ business needs. Our experienced professionals comply with best practices, tools and software for the.NET technology. This ensures that customers get the most cost-effective and best quality solutions for their needs.  

Our .NET capabilities can be summarized as under:

Domain .NET Technologies
Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, Excel-based Reports, LGX Reports, ActiveReports
Product Extensions
MS Office Add-Ins, MS Office Smart Document Applications, Smart Tags, Visual Studio Add-Ins, Shell Extensions, Internet Explorer Extensions
Data Access
Online/Offline ADO.NET Models, Typed DataSets, Smart Client Applications, Object-Relation Mappers, Data Access Code Generation, Heterogeneous Data Source support, Custom Managed ADO.NET Data Providers 
Advanced Web Forms Techniques
ASP.NET User Controls, ASP.NET Custom Controls, Caching (data, page, control), Custom Validators Client side scripting, Ajax and XQuery techniques
Graphics/Media Programming GDI+ Drawing, Managed DirectX, OpenGL
Interoperability COM Interop, PInvoke, Primary Interop Libraries, Custom Marshalling.
Declarative security, Imperative security, Impersonation and Delegation, Code Access security, Cryptography, ASP.NET Authentication
Windows Service Programming Service management, Performance Counters, Event logging (Event Log, WMI, Database)
Distributed Programming
.NET Remoting, Custom Channels, Asynchronous Remoting, Remote object life-time management
Advanced WinForms Techniques
WinForm User Controls, WinForm Custom Controls, Bidirectional Data Binding, Custom Error Providers, Asynchronous Data Processing, Custom Designers
MSI installation packages, ClickOne technique, AutoUpdate technique, Custom installation packages.
Advanced Application Framework Techniques
Multilanguage Application UI (MUI), Application Localization, Application configuration, XML/XSLT/XSD programming, Reflection

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