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Enterprise applications (custom built applications or off-the-shelf solutions ERP, CRM, SCM) are key to the successful operations of manufacturing companies. It is important that these applications work true to the requirements of the organization.

Implementation of an enterprise-level software application is a complex process that involves deep investments from the organization. The wide range of functionality, tight integration & complex interaction between different modules makes testing an enterprise-level software a very challenging, resource intensive & time consuming activity.

An organization could face challenges on various fronts. Such projects typically require integration with legacy applications, and it is vital that comprehensive scenarios are created to effectively test such implementations. Ongoing product upgrades also require on-going modeling & testing of business processes to reflect real-life scenarios. Region-specific & industry-specific compliance and regulatory requirements have acquired high priority for organizations, and are hence an important consideration in the selection, implementation & testing of the solution.

Sahir Projects is well-positioned to assure successful implementation, deployment, upgrade and migration of enterprise applications in manufacturing organizations, due to its deep understanding of processes across the manufacturing enterprise and beyond - finance, operations, engineering, inventory, HR, manufacturing, distribution, aftermarket & sourcing. Our services enable the realization of the objectives of key enterprise software initiatives.

Sahir's Independent Enterprise Application Testing Services help assure delivery of enterprise-scale platforms that meet the organization's requirements, for all key stakeholders. Our in-depth experience in application development & testing ensures that the problem is not just identified, but a remedial course of action is also recommended.

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