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We work with manufacturing companies across organizational functions such as finance, engineering, sales & customer support, helping them automate & integrate these processes. Sahir offers a unique combination of engineering skills, domain experience, and application know-how.

Manufacturing organizations the world over use packaged applications to meet their needs for business process automation. However, the needs of each organization differ, and off-the-shelf products, however well implemented, do not always fulfill their specific requirements. Customized applications help organizations fill such gaps. Sahir’s software services practice offers a range of cost-effective business & technical solutions and services to manufacturing enterprises of varying business footprint, across the globe. We add value to our clients’ business by designing and implementing scalable, robust and easily maintainable business applications.

Though the use of design applications to automate product design is commonplace, manufacturers sometimes struggle to get new designs to market quickly, at competitive cost. The reasons could range from availability of specific talent to cost pressures to effectively utilizing their experienced design teams, while also performing routine support tasks. This is where Sahir steps in as a partner that takes the pressure off your core design team, and provides cost-competitive support by leveraging our excellent design capabilities, working as an extension of your main team.

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