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  Excellent support.  Always meet deadlines and on top of the business issues.
Same time zone support?this to me is important and impressive. When I am on line "Sahir" is on line to support me. I find this very valuable.
  Highly recommend Sahir for any IT project and would use them again and again.
  Technically savvy on IT issues and supports them with ease.
  Gary Ostrowski
Director Aftermarket
Dresser Masoneilan
"For the past two years we have contracted with Sahir Projects to assist us in the development of software products. These development projects have been high profile, fast track and very complex.

The assistance in software development and test & verification provided by Sahir Projects has been of exceptional quality in all respects.

Sahir Projects has demonstrated a high degree of professionalism in the work performed and the processes utilized. Of particular note is the effectiveness of their project planning and their consistency of meeting deadlines. The integrity in which they infuse at all project phases be it requirements definition, planning, development or quality verification is noteworthy. Indeed, the commitment to customer satisfaction is clearly evident in all that Sahir Projects does.

It has been a pleasure to work with Sahir Projects. With their help we have delivered improved quality software products in a much compressed schedule. Unlike our past experiences in contracting software development, with Sahir Projects we have gained a partner who has come to learn what is important to our business and has helped us achieve our goals."

  Patrick Leask
Director – Marketing
Dresser Masoneilan.
"Over the last couple of years I have had the privilege of working with Sahir Projects on a number of key global issues for our business.

A lot of concerns I had such as, communication, distance, business knowledge, availability and accountability were foremost in my mind. I have to say that the Sahir Group has preformed beyond our expectations on all areas.

They continue to perform above and beyond the call of duty and adjust themselves globally in every instance. We are a multi national company and they have worked in all our locations from the USA to China.

I would recommend them to anyone who needs IT expertise in critical areas of your business. They are extremely professional and work well in all levels of the organization without upsetting the daily workflow.

The best part for us was they were always on call at all times. Since we have them doing multiple projects globally it is important for us to be in contact with them at all hours and this they did without fail.

I have been very impressed with their capabilities and highly recommend them to any one who needs their talents.

It is very rare to find a company that actually does exactly what you need done. We are very fortunate to have the relationship with Sahir and look forward to using them in the future for all out IT needs."


Scott McCaig

Business Consultant
Dresser Masoneilan
“We recognize the fact that Sahir Projects has demonstrated the full commitment to Masoneilan’s software development needs and has proven to be an invaluable resource to us. We look forward to continuing joint development with Sahir Projects and continuing success of software deployment of superior quality.?br>

  Henry Du
Manager, Software Development
Dresser Masoneilan
Dear Milind,

"I am writing in response to the outstanding support that you and your group at Sahir Projects provides to Masoneilan. Specifically, I would like to comment on the numerous projects that you have assisted us in developing in the Microsoft SharePoint, Infopath forms and Bluespring Workflow.

Your company has had a major role in all areas of the SDLC for new requests. Prior to accepting my role as Sr Business Analyst I had hesitations with support being provided by an overseas provider because of time differences and lack of face to face communications. This hesitation has proven unwarranted by your superior round the clock support and response to emails and phone calls. Through WebEx sessions and a close working relationship the support you have provided my area is outstanding. I will, without hesitation, recommend this support and enhancement model going forward. Thank you for your excellent service and support."

  Dan Chase
Sr. Business Analyst
Dresser Masoneilan

Dear Mr. Sanjeev Nadkarni and Mr. Sanjeev Godbole

"I would like to take this time to extend my personal and professional thanks for the great efforts you and your team at Sahir Projects have made for Masoneilan on the development of the ValSpeQ 3 series software. Without your considerable knowledge, expertise and patience, we would not have the success we are having today with our Sizing and Selection Software.

As you know, this project was on it’s way to being totally scrapped due to other consulting firms?inability to meet Masoneilan’s complex requirements for the tool. After several years of effort by EDS Consulting, and several more years by KPMG Consulting, we still did not have a software product that was able to meet the minimum requirements for our users. The sad thing is that these companies were tasked with only finding a solution provider or tool to make our expectations a reality.

When these firms abandoned us, we were left with bits and pieces of our own software sub-components with no tool to integrate them into. The expense incurred by the larger firms and the amount of time that had lapsed (5 Years I believe), left the project extremely vulnerable to cancellation. The loss of years also made us loose any competitive edge we may have developed in the past over our competition. If the project was to succeed, we would need big leaps in technology along with a very aggressive timeline.

Thanks to your efforts, we were able to develop a tool in-house that not only met the user requirements, but surpassed them in many areas. Your extensive background in software development has made the in-house development of the tool a reality rather than an impossibility. From brain-storming, design and architecture to implementation, test, documentation and deployment, your contributions have been exemplary.

Your team not only was able to help us meet aggressive deadlines, but the advancements in software technology you have suggested and helped us implement, continues to be talked about by our customers in a very positive way.

As a manufacturing company, we don’t have the necessary infrastructure required to develop, test, document, deploy and support such a complex piece of software world wide. With your knowledgeable staff, you have been able to fill the gaps in our infrastructure to make this a successful development effort.

In my 18 years of software development, I have never had a positive experience working with a consulting team, until now. Though our countries are far apart, I am astounded at what we have been able to achieve, in such a short time. Our communication back and fourth on this project has been candid and at the same time technically satisfying.

As we continue to adapt and evolve our software, I am confident that your team will continue to provide us with the technical know-how and expertise that has become trademark qualities of your staff. I am especially excited about working with your team on future .Net implementation and Oracle MRP integration for our software.

At this time I would like to especially thank members of your team whom I have had the pleasure of working with directly.

Prashant Chavan
Milind Patil
Amit Dandavate
Jairaj Menon
and everyone in the Sahir ‘Software Test and Documentation?team. If I have forgotten anyone, I apologize, many have worked on making this project a success that I have not had the pleasure of interacting with directly.

As always, I wish you and your team continued success and look forward to us working together on the next challenges for my company."


German Rivera
ValSpeQ Lead
Dresser Masoneilan
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