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Enterprise portal development & administration

How has a multinational manufacturer of valves leveraged Sahir Projects’s expertise in Microsoft SharePoint collaborative technology to improve operational efficiency throughout its 110 locations worldwide by digitizing various processes, centralizing document management & speeding up response time in intra-company processes as well as partner interactions?

The portal was rolled out successfully and had various sub-sites and numerous department or process specific applications running on it. A few thousand users use it across the world today. Support is crucial, not just for technology and database administration side but also for all its users.

Web-based collaboration application for global manufacturer

An application that ties-in all the sourcing process stakeholders at a global level. It provides the organization a comprehensive & centralized view of every stage of every component / system. It offers numerous benefits to the manufacturer - improved efficiency, cost reductions, enhanced quality & flexibility, advanced production planning support, improved capacities & better responsiveness to customers. It helps define various phases as per their processes and their respective workflows & rules, tracks the status of a line item and its associated quality certification. Auto-alerts on status updates help bridge time-zone differences. It is also a secure & integrated platform for simplified exchange of product drawings & related information.

Control valve sizing & selection tool

A tool meant for the sales team. Helps reduce sales costs, cut down proposal generation time, decrease engineering support cost & improve order accuracy. It assists sales persons calculate the CV required for a customer’s specific service conditions. It carries out complex calculations validating the valve through sigma evaluation for cavitation damage, noise calculation, etc and generates the correct pricing based on complex combinations of materials, ratings and sizes for components & accessories required. The tool generates a content-rich proposal package that includes ISA spec sheet, drawings & quotation.

Engineering Configurator for Gauges & Instruments

An engineering configurator that precisely configures product such as pressure & temperature measurement instruments and thus empowers sales teams to process quotes efficiently and without errors. It enables sales personnel to minimize the time they spend on administrative tasks such as researching product catalogs, price books and spread sheets and manually processing quotes and orders. By eliminating these repetitive and tedious tasks, sales personnel can devote more time to value-adding activities such as nurturing & growing relationships with existing customers and developing new business.

The tool validates product selection based on pressure, temperature and accuracy standards. It ensures proper selection of case style & material, ring type, dial size, type and material of the sensing element and suggests accessories & other options. It also accurately prices the product and generates quotations.

Mechanical engineering design services

Sahir Projects is helping a large multi-national control valve manufacturer, with plants in US, Europe and Asia, design their products to reduce development time, costs and provide flexibility. A steep increase in sales led to a requirement for modeling and engineering analysis capabilities delivered at a fast pace and high quality. They needed a partner with mechanical design capabilities, who could handle customization of products for different customers and markets, redesign products for manufacturing and deliver drawings for both prototyping and manufacture. The challenge was that design resources would be needed at short notice and output at relatively short lead times to enable the fastest delivery to their customers. The accuracy of design would need to be high, to minimize prototyping iterations and complexity during manufacturing.


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